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Rothblatt Space Settlement In Our Lifetime Prize

Every Generation Has Its Heroes

Martine Rothblatt is a hero for our time, and she invites you to become one too. Besides starting the first satellite radio network, Sirius XM, and the first company to print transplantable human organs at scale, United Therapeutics, Martine envisions large human settlements in free space and on planetary bodies that will accommodate hundreds of thousands to millions of people living, working, and raising families in a shirt-sleeve environment. These space settlements, based on the visions of Gerard O’Neill, will be optimized to allow people to live life to its fullest. This is a long-standing vision, but Martine’s methodology to get us there is unique, leveraging modern ideas of digitizing the human consciousness and using simple financial tools to underwrite this vast venture. In her speech to the National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference® (ISDC®) she references many components of this vision and you should watch the video below for inspiration. There are countless nuances within that will fire your imagination and allow you to create your own vision in the form of a well-designed, comprehensive business plan.

The National Space Society is proud to announce the Rothblatt Space Settlement in Our Lifetime Prize Business Plan Competition. Entrants can win $16,000, $10,000, or $6,000 for their business plan that advances space settlement in our lifetime.

This competition is not for merely an idea or a proposal, but for a complete preliminary business plan that not only outlines your vision, but speaks to building it as a prosperous business endeavor.

Three winning teams will be invited to the NSS International Space Development Conference 2024 (ISDC 2024).

The Rothblatt Competition will pay the travel and hotel expenses for one person representing each of the three winning teams to attend ISDC 2024 to give a presentation and judges attending the presentations will then decide the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams.

Contest Now Closed for 2024.

Helpful Videos from Martine Rothblatt

Martine Rothblatt explains “The Space Settlement in our Lifetime Prize”

Martine Rothblatt presents at ISDC 2019: The Vision for Space Settlement in our Lifetime

Martine Rothblatt presents “Getting to L5 in our Lifetime: How digital telepresence can fund a robust luna city for our generation”

3 Books to Help You Win the Rothblatt Prize for Space Settlement in Our Lifetime

by Martine Rothblatt

The single most important book to read for this prize is THE HIGH FRONTIER by Gerard K. O’Neill. Why? Because it explains with facts and logic that most humans should – and can – live in orbiting space settlements.

The next book to read is THE HUMEM STATE by Alan Brook. It explains how digital versions of ourselves will very shortly be equivalent to ourselves, and have all the legal rights to extend ourselves until, with their help, orbiting space settlements are ready for us.

Finally, dig into THE SINGULARITY IS NEAR by Ray Kurzweil. This book demonstrates that our digital extensions will be fully capable well within the timeframe for orbiting space settlement operations, and they will live vibrant lives both in cyberspace and as re-instantiated bodies in physical space.

Put the lessons of those three books together with the compound interest and trust law pointers from Martine’s video, and you will have a much enhanced chance of winning the Rothblatt Prize for Space Settlement in Our Lifetime.